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Horses on the Move is set to revolutionise the equestrian world and transform a necessity to transport horses in a quick, safe and professional way for owners that used to spend hours on the phone to find a horsebox, arrange insurance for a short trip. As well as transport we offer self drive hire.

With a network of Horses on the Move operators planned horse owners can now save time and effort booking a horsebox online or with a single telephone call with the peace of mind that their pride and joy will be moved in a clean, safe, and fully insured vehicle coupled with the added peace of mind that equine rescue is in place should anything happen.

Jayne Sansom founded the business after encountering problems herself as a horse owner. For years she faced the same problems as thousands of horse owners do today, finding a suitable vehicle locally with availability to fit into her busy schedule and then having to ensure she was insured to get behind the wheel of an ageing poorly maintained horsebox. On a few occasions the horsebox broke down leaving her stranded and more importantly her horses as well.

Jayne’s solution was to bite the bullet and build her own horsebox; this soon progressed into a successful business as a provider of bespoke quality coach built horseboxes.

Demand for new vehicles was good although many buyers were faced with a vehicle sitting on their drive for weeks on end until required for the all important competitions. This sparked an idea which was the start of Horses on the Move we know today.

Horsebox hire was promoted locally and demand was instant, not just for events at the riding clubs but for simple tasks such as moving a horse from paddock to a stable or for veterinary reasons. People started asking for Horses on the Move to collect and deliver horses and what was originally a weekend demand soon evolved into a weeklong business.

From one vehicle the fleet grew to three in a very short time and when demand exceeded that Jayne started to use the people she had sold horseboxes to, on occasion, with a sub hire fee paid which was certainly better than a redundant vehicle on the drive.

From the start Jayne wanted to provide a professional service and so every vehicle returned was valeted and disinfected prior to going out again. A menu of services was introduced at standard pricing, not regional, with a view to really developing Horses on the Move as a national and international brand.

Today Horses on the Move is now available as a franchise business with a complete training package that provides everything required to start a business. A choice of vehicle options with purchase, lease or hire purchase is available and full support from a dedicated head office team with years of experience in horse transportation and franchise business operations.

We are looking to work with determined, tenacious and dedicated individuals that share our passion for high standards and want to turn a love of horses into a really profitable business, with our support.

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