Affordable and reliable horse box hire in Staffordshire

Why hire a horse box in Staffordshire?

If you own a horse or a pony and live in Staffordshire, chances are that you will have to transport your beloved animal at some stage. The reason might be a show, a sale or a visit to a horse therapy centre. Many horse owners, however, do not own their own trailer or horse box – mainly because the average horse owner is usually happy enough to keep their horses on their farm, their home or in the stables where they rent space for their horse. Additionally, new horse boxes are very expensive and it’s understandable that people do not want to make such a big investment, especially if they do not have to transport their horse regularly. If you only have to transport your horse every now and then, it makes more sense to hire a horse box as this is more affordable than buying a horse box you might only use a few times.

What you need to look out for when you hire a horse box

If horse box hire in Staffordshire sounds like a good idea to you, then you need to find a reliable provider who has the best interest of your horse in mind and who offers a reliable service to you. It is very important that the boxes are suitable for the number of horses you would like to transport and that the vehicles are insured. You also need to decide on whether you would like to pick the vehicle up yourself or let someone else transport it to the place where you need it. When you go to get the horse box you decided on hiring, it is important that you have a good look at it before you pay for it. Make sure that the box is clean and that everything works. A good horse box company will not be worried if you inspect their boxes before you hire them. Also make sure that you read the terms and conditions. A good company will make these easily available to you instead of hiding them in some small print.

What will it cost you to hire a horse box in Staffordshire?

The cost of hiring a horse box depends on how many days you would like to hire it and whether you hire it on a weekday or a weekend. Usually one day of horse box hire (which includes insurance) costs £100, however, there are also long-term options which offer you a discount. This is very useful if you need to take your horse somewhere for over a week and is still a lot cheaper than buying your own horse trailer. If you want to take your horse to an event on a weekend, there is a special option that allows you to hire a horse box from Friday afternoon through to Sunday evening for just £230. A new horse box would cost you several thousand pounds and even used ones aren’t much cheaper – so hiring is the perfect alternative for someone who only has to transport their horse every now and then.