Four legs on four (or more) wheels

Why people need to move their horses

Unless you live in an area where your home, your vet, your stable, the tournament grounds and the horse therapy centre are all located within a few metres, you will sooner or later have to transport your horse on the road. You can’t ride it to all your destinations, esp. not when the horse is injured or sick – or your destination is on the other side of the country (e.g. a national horse riding competition). Maybe you are moving from one city to another, and naturally you would like to take your horse with you. There are almost as many different reasons why people need to move a horse as there are horse owners.

How to move a horse – on a budget

The most common way to move a horse is in a horse trailer – also called horse box. If you live in or anywhere close to Staffordshire, then there Horses on the Move is a great company that can help you with getting your horse from point A to point B, and it won’t empty your bank account. Of course, you could simply buy your own horse box instead of looking for horse box hire, however, once you have a look at the prices of a new horse box of a reasonably good quality, you might re-think that idea. You could buy a cheap second hand horse trailer that is close to falling into pieces but would you want to risk the safety of your beloved horse and maybe even your own? You don’t even want to think about the kind of accident that could happen by using an unsafe horse trailer. It could be dangerous for your horse and for everyone else in the vehicle. No, if you need to transport your horse, you need a good horse box of high quality and with everything a horse and its owner need to move from one place to the other in a safe and comfortable manner.

Finding a reliable horse box hire company

If you look for horse boxes for hire in Staffordshire, then you will have a good selection of boxes to choose from – depending on how many horses you need to move. You will also have the option to get the horse box delivered to you if you wish (or you can pick it up). The horse box should be in a clean and fully functional state when it arrives at your doorstep (or at the stable) or when you pick it up. Make sure to inspect it before you drive in it. A good horse box hire company won’t mind because they know that they only offer the best quality to their customers. If a company isn’t too keen on an inspection of the boxes and doesn’t want to answer your questions, then this isn’t a very good sign and you might be better off not putting too much trust into the quality and cleanliness of their boxes. Always put the safety of your horse and yourself first.