Horse box franchise FAQ

Q. What do I get for my initial fee?

A. You get the rights to run your Horses on the Move in a designated area, use the trademarks and system. You receive comprehensive training on business operation including a start up kit with everything you need to run a business from day one, right down to stationery and a detailed Operations Manual (on loan)

Q. How much does it cost?

A. The initial fee of £17,999 plus VAT includes the territory fee, training and set up pack. You also receive ongoing training and support with one day per month from an area coordinator.

Q. How much can I earn?

A. Earnings are unlimited; the more hires offered, the more income you will generate.

Q. What services are offered?

A. We have four income streams, horsebox hire, horsebox and driver, horsebox sales and members club.

An example of what you can achieve is below based on the number of hires, referral commission and assumed costs; one vehicle is assumed on a lease basis, for up to say 24 hires in a month, while above that a second vehicle is required from members club or new lease, a second vehicle is assumed for 40 hires per month anyway.

Full profit examples are available at a face-to-face meeting including the phased growth of any business.

��Q. What are licence fees, and how much do you charge?

A. License fees are charged by most franchise companies and used to provide support ongoing for the network with a contribution to the founder for passing on the knowledge. Horses on the Move charge 9% of your turnover, included in the profit examples above. A capping scheme is available for franchisees achieving over £150,000 annual turnover, after all why would we want to penalise you for growing your business above this figure?

Q. Can you guarantee success?

A. In a word no, you will have the tools to succeed and what you do with them is down to you.

Q. What training do I get?

A. Training evolves over time with improvements and additional ideas born out of growth for the network. You will receive a mixture of classroom sessions that covers the main skills required to run your business, down to the administration and accounts training. You will also receive hands on experience with a one of our area coordinators for two days before you start trading.

Q. Why don’t I just start up myself?

A. By all means feel free, you will of course need to obtain a suitable vehicle, arrange insurance, website, market your business and develop paperwork, perhaps learn how to run a business. It is a common question and once you start totalling up the cost it is not far adrift from the fee we charge, with much less chance of success.

What is included?

We believe that the Horses on the Move package is the most comprehensive available and ensures that you have everything you need to start your business right after the initial training course.

For the low initial fee of £17999 plus VAT you are awarded an exclusive area with thousands of potential horse owners in your area. Comprehensive training over three days covers the following core subjects. In addition to the training you will also receive twelve days of direct support on your area and a business launch package coordinated by Horses on the Move Head Offiice.

Your start up kit is extensive and includes the following

  • Initial mailing campaign in your local area (worth over £500)
  • A laptop with MS Office and templates for administration pre loaded
  • A back up disc of Word templates
  • Sage Accounting Package (single user, single company) preloaded
  • A dedicated email address through our server.
  • A dedicated biography page within the network website.
  • Promotional items – including fridge magnets, key rings and pens.
  • An “A” frame board to place outside your business
  • 2 Car Door magnets with your contact details pre-printed.
  • Horses on the Move uniform
  • Certificate in equine transport
  • Defra registration
  • Health and Safety policy
  • End of year accounts package, year 1
  • Breakdown cover 12 months
  • 12 months self drive hire , transport and social and domestic insurance
  • Cleaning kit and initial chemical supply to carry out full lorry cleaning
  • Hire and Insurance protocols
  • Marketing your business
  • Simple Selling techniques
  • Administration and requirements for employing drivers and staff
  • Communication Skills with horse owners
  • Accounts (including an introduction to Sage)
  • Business Development Skills
  • In house training at DSL Accounting Ltd
  • Establishing connections in your territory