Horse Box Hire | Holiday with horses

The problem with holidays and being a horse owner

When horse owners go on a holiday, the question of what to do with the beloved horse usually comes up quite quickly. There are some options you can consider: You could either not go on a holiday at all because you don’t want to leave the horse alone and in the care of someone else, you can ask a friend to look after your horse (but it might be a problem if you don’t have friends who can ride or know nothing about horses), you could hire someone to look after your horse or you could do something else: You could take your horse with you.

Horse box rental and your holiday

Of course, this would only really work out on national holidays, i.e. holidays that don’t require you to travel by plane. You will have to choose a holiday destination that you can easily reach by road. And of course you need your own driver’s license, otherwise the plan also wouldn’t work. You wonder how you could actually take your horse with you? The solution is horse box hire. A horse box will enable you to take your horse with you (as long as your destination is suitable for horses and you’d have a place to keep the horse). Horse boxes can be hired for a day, for a weekend or even for a longer term, it all depends on how long you want or need to be away.

The advantages of horse box hire

It is quite clear that the biggest advantage of going for horse box rentals is that you can take your horse with you and you wouldn’t have to worry about whether it will be alright while you are gone, whether it would get enough exercise and so on. You will also not have to give up your favourite hobby while you are on your holiday. If you go somewhere with a beach or a nice forest, you can go for rides every day. The different surroundings will be great for you and your horse, too. If you choose a spacious horse box, then the horse box can also be used as a temporary stable. You simply need to make sure that there is enough space for a drinker and for food. Of course, you should also plan ahead on where you can park your horse, maybe there even is a stable where you could put your horse. Taking a horse on a holiday with you needs some planning but it is certainly worth the effort. A good horse box hire company will help you with your plans and will be there for you with advice.