Avoid hassles and transport problems by choosing horse box hire Midlands

Disappointments with horse transport

Sometimes the bigger stables organize the transport to tournaments or retreats, however, you might have already made the experience that it doesn’t always work out the way you’d like it to: people turn up late, then there are arguments about which horse should go into which trailer because person A doesn’t like person B and thus doesn’t want her horse to share a horse box with person B’s horse. You know those kinds of stories. It wastes people’s time and in the end nobody feels better.

Or maybe you have made the experience that you relied on someone to transport your horse to a tournament but they did not make it on time and you missed your turn in the tournament, losing the chance to get any of the prices! It’s very frustrating to stand there, waiting for your horse, looking at the watch, knowing that you can’t do anything without your horse!

Horse box hire is the solution

Wouldn’t it be much better to be in control in such situations? Thanks to horse box hire midlands, you can take over the reigns. All you need is a driver’s license that would allow you to drive bigger cars/vans. If you have to transport your horse regularly, i.e. once a month or even more often, then you might even want to think about buying your own horse box. However, horse boxes aren’t very cheap and if you only need transport for your horse every now and then, horse box rental would be a better and more affordable solution.

You can rent horse boxes for a day, two days, a whole weekend or for even longer periods if you need to stay somewhere for a longer time. Most companies that provide horse boxes to their customers will have specials deals if you book for a whole weekend of even for a whole week. They can deliver the horse box right to where you need it, or you can come and visit them to pick the horse box up yourself. No matter which option you choose, you should make sure that you have a good look at the horse box, also check the insides to see whether everything is nice and clean. You also need to ask the company whether you will have to clean the horse box after you have used it or whether they will take over that job – sometimes they will charge you an extra fee if you don’t want to do the cleaning of the box yourself.

Make sure that you do return the horse box in time or let the company know if you are late for some reason (e.g. a traffic jam or a delay in the tournament). Another person might have booked the same horse box and during busy periods it might be hard to find another box if the company doesn’t get enough warning in time.

Why hire horse boxes in the Midlands?

Horse boxes are commonly used containers, usually in the form of a vehicle, which has been motorized to accommodate horses. Horse boxes are simply used to transport horses from one location to another, without physically exhausting the animal. As a result of the instability of the economy, horse owners are now renting horseboxes instead of buying them.

Horse Box Hire Midlands

Horse box rental is an effective way for horse owners to commute their horses. Hiring a horsebox in the Midlands is beneficial for several reasons.

  • Depending on which company you are transacting business with, you are not required to pay every penny up-front when making a rental. You can simply transact business through a contract, whether written or oral, and pay the money when you can.
  • Buying a horsebox can be very expensive. Renting one whenever it is needed will save you an enormous sum of money. In addition, think about how much resources and hard work you will have to put into maintaining a horsebox. It is most certainly not a wise decision to maintain something you will not be using frequently or from day to day.
  • Since you will only hire a horse box when you need to, you do not have to worry about where you will store the horsebox. You are also allowed a peace of mind since you would not have to worry about the safety of the box.
  • A horsebox is a convenient way to transport your horse to a horse tournament, visits to the vet and other activities that involves you moving the horse.
  • Since the horsebox is maintained for you, you will not be allowed to find additional cash to ensure that it is up to standards whenever it is ready to be used. In any situation where you have hired a horsebox, you are not allowed to pay any additional fees for maintenance. All you are required to do is to pay the cost that was agreed upon.

In hiring a horsebox to transport your horse from one place to another, you do not have to worry about the safety or health of the animal. Horseboxes are very equipped vehicles that protect horses from the elements. Your horse will not be opened to the burning sun, the beating of rain drops or the freezing of snow. Since horse boxes are now made with windows, all you have to do is leave these open so that their box is properly ventilated. After all, you want to travel in luxury, what about your horse?

Using a horse box hire service is a great way to ensure that you get the best service for your horse while paying less in comparison to buying one. Get a horsebox now and protect your animal.

Affordable and reliable horse box hire in Staffordshire

Why hire a horse box in Staffordshire?

If you own a horse or a pony and live in Staffordshire, chances are that you will have to transport your beloved animal at some stage. The reason might be a show, a sale or a visit to a horse therapy centre. Many horse owners, however, do not own their own trailer or horse box – mainly because the average horse owner is usually happy enough to keep their horses on their farm, their home or in the stables where they rent space for their horse. Additionally, new horse boxes are very expensive and it’s understandable that people do not want to make such a big investment, especially if they do not have to transport their horse regularly. If you only have to transport your horse every now and then, it makes more sense to hire a horse box as this is more affordable than buying a horse box you might only use a few times.

What you need to look out for when you hire a horse box

If horse box hire in Staffordshire sounds like a good idea to you, then you need to find a reliable provider who has the best interest of your horse in mind and who offers a reliable service to you. It is very important that the boxes are suitable for the number of horses you would like to transport and that the vehicles are insured. You also need to decide on whether you would like to pick the vehicle up yourself or let someone else transport it to the place where you need it. When you go to get the horse box you decided on hiring, it is important that you have a good look at it before you pay for it. Make sure that the box is clean and that everything works. A good horse box company will not be worried if you inspect their boxes before you hire them. Also make sure that you read the terms and conditions. A good company will make these easily available to you instead of hiding them in some small print.

What will it cost you to hire a horse box in Staffordshire?

The cost of hiring a horse box depends on how many days you would like to hire it and whether you hire it on a weekday or a weekend. Usually one day of horse box hire (which includes insurance) costs £100, however, there are also long-term options which offer you a discount. This is very useful if you need to take your horse somewhere for over a week and is still a lot cheaper than buying your own horse trailer. If you want to take your horse to an event on a weekend, there is a special option that allows you to hire a horse box from Friday afternoon through to Sunday evening for just £230. A new horse box would cost you several thousand pounds and even used ones aren’t much cheaper – so hiring is the perfect alternative for someone who only has to transport their horse every now and then.

Horse Boxes to Hire

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